Philip Gun P.I. 8

Soundtrack by Allan Gutheim

Everything has an end. With this eighth season, it is intended, that Philip Gun P.I. has reached the end of the road. ”Philip Gun in Deep Water” primarily takes place on board a Cruise Ship. Philip Gun helps his good friend - The Captain - who has a problem during the journeys, with passengers being robbed of their valuable jewelry. So Philip Gun finds himself in deep water. As before, the miniseries is created, directed and produced by Allan Gutheim, a Swedish electronic composer and producer. The music is again a collaboration between Allan and his wife Maria.

Release APR 5, 2024 by Real Time Music. Music by Allan & Maria Gutheim. Performed by Allan & Maria Gutheim. Produced by Allan Gutheim at Real Time Music Recording Studio. Cover design by Allan Gutheim. Cover Photo by Nathalie Gutheim.


Philip Gun P.I.