Real Time Music

Real Time Music is a Swedish record label, music publisher and music producer since 1994, founded by the couple Allan and Maria Gutheim. The company started as Allan Gutheim Music Production in 1988 but later developed into Real Time Music. In 1989-90 the company's own recording studio was built in Stockholm, designed by Ingemar Ohlsson, the ABBA studio designer. The studio was used for music production and music education. Some phonograms were also produced before the studio was sold in 1996. Books about music theory and the Swedish music industry was published between 1986 and 2001. Real Time Music also operated as a consultant regarding the music industry, legal rights, and contracts between 1996-2005.

Real Time Music lectured and performed at several events and fairs such as NÖJE -92 and -94, TIVOLI KULTUR -94, MUSIKMÄSSAN -96 and -98, MUSIKBIENNALEN -97 and STARTA & DRIVA EGET FÖRETAG -98.

The artists at Real Time Music are Allan Gutheim, whose music is a mix of modern, instrumental, electronic synth music and ambient retro, and the duo Hot Beat, with a personal mix of electronic synth-pop and modern dance beats.

Real Time Music is since 2019 a member of SOM (Svenska Oberoende Musikproducenter), an association for independent labels in Sweden.

Real Time Music