Philip Gun P.I. 6

Mini-series by Allan Gutheim

Philip Gun is back in business, this time in deep trouble! As before, the mini-series is created, directed and produced by Allan Gutheim. ”Philip Gun on Dangerous Ground” is darker, and a bit more thoughtful, than the previous seasons. This sixth season has a continuous plot instead of stand-alone episodes. Music by Allan & Maria Gutheim.

All the four episodes including a documentary of the mini-series released APR-MAY 2023 on YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Instagram and Facebook.

Philip Gun P.I. - Intro S6 (Main Theme)
[Release date: APR 28, 2023]

S6E1 Philip Gun on Dangerous Ground (Part 1)
[Release date: MAY 5, 2023]

S6E2 Philip Gun on Dangerous Ground (Part 2)
[Release date: MAY 12, 2023]

S6E3 Philip Gun on Dangerous Ground (Part 3)
[Release date: MAY 19, 2023]

Behind Philip Gun on Dangerous Ground
[Release date: MAY 26, 2023]

Philip Gun P.I.