Philip Gun P.I. 3

Mini-series by Allan Gutheim

Philip Gun P.I. is back again! Tired of all these criminal scum. As before, the mini-series is created, directed, and produced, by Allan Gutheim. This season is slightly darker than the previous ones. Music by Allan & Maria Gutheim.

All the seven episodes including a documentary of the mini-series released OCT-DEC 2021 on YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Instagram and Facebook.

Philip Gun P.I. - Intro S3 (Main Theme)
[Release date: OCT 22, 2021]

S3E1 Philip Gun and The Pickpocket Case
[Release date: OCT 29, 2021]

S3E2 Philip Gun and The Master Chef Case
[Release date: NOV 5, 2021]

S3E3 Philip Gun and The Witness Case, Pt.1
[Release date: NOV 12, 2021]

S3E4 Philip Gun and The Witness Case, Pt.2
[Release date: NOV 19, 2021]

S3E5 Philip Gun and The Marine Scientist Case
[Release date: NOV 26, 2021]

S3E6 Philip Gun and The Final Case
[Release date: DEC 3, 2021]

Philip Gun P.I. - Behind the Mini-Series S3
[Release date: DEC 10, 2021]

Philip Gun P.I.