Philip Gun P.I. 2

Mini-series by Allan Gutheim

Philip Gun is back! More determined than ever to bust the bad guys. As before, the mini-series is created, directed, and produced by Allan Gutheim. The collaboration between the main characters, Philip Gun and his assistant Lin Henri, has evolved in this season. For example, Lin Henri is given a slightly larger and more important role in the cases. Music by Allan & Maria Gutheim.

All the seven episodes including a documentary of the mini-series released AUG-OCT 2021 on YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Instagram and Facebook.

Philip Gun P.I. - Intro S2 (Main Theme)
[Release date: AUG 20, 2021]

S2E1 Philip Gun and The Jewelry Case
[Release date: AUG 27, 2021]

S2E2 Philip Gun and The Art Gallery Case, Pt.1
[Release date: SEP 3, 2021]

S2E3 Philip Gun and The Art Gallery Case, Pt.2
[Release date: SEP 10, 2021]

S2E4 Philip Gun and The Arms Dealer Case
[Release date: SEP 17, 2021]

S2E5 Philip Gun and The Warehouse Case
[Release date: SEP 24, 2021]

S2E6 Philip Gun and The Saboteur Case
[Release date: OCT 1, 2021]

Philip Gun P.I. - Behind the Mini-Series S2
[Release date: OCT 8, 2021]

Philip Gun P.I.