Splatter Painting

Single by Allan Gutheim

Splatter painting originated from the Abstract Expressionist Movement that began in New York in the mid-1940s, as a response to art censorship in the USA. Splatter painting is a painting technique that involves dripping, throwing, blowing, or pouring paint on a material being painted on. It is characterized by its messy splattered look. Anders Lionell is a Swedish painter who in this short film creates a work of art with this technique, in his own unique way. The film is produced by Allan Gutheim, a Swedish electronic composer and producer. The music is a collaboration between Allan and his wife Maria. Real Time Music is releasing a single with the music.

Music by Allan & Maria Gutheim. Performed by Allan & Maria Gutheim. Produced by Allan Gutheim at Real Time Music Recording Studio. Cover design by Allan Gutheim. Cover painting by Anders Lionell.

Release JAN 28, 2022 by Real Time Music.


Allan Gutheim