Ocean's Daughter

Album by Allan Gutheim

"Ocean's Daughter" is a miniseries of episodes from the life of an ocean’s daughter. It is directed and produced by Allan Gutheim. Filmed by Allan Gutheim and Tammi Mars. The music is created by Allan and his wife Maria, specifically for each episode. Real Time Music is releasing an EP with the full versions of the music. The miniseries is a unique collaboration with the Swedish mermaid performer and model Linda Ågren. As the mermaid Athiraa of Sweden, she has been Miss Mermaid Sweden 2017, is a Certified Freediver and Mermaid Instructor, writer, and Swimbrayv Ambassador.

Music by Allan & Maria Gutheim. Performed by Allan & Maria Gutheim. Produced by Allan Gutheim at Real Time Music Recording Studio. Cover design by Allan Gutheim. Cover photo by Tammi Mars and Paula Gutheim.

Release MAR 10, 2023 by Real Time Music.


Allan Gutheim