Dark Planet 2 (A World in Transformation)

Album by Allan Gutheim

"Dark Planet 2 (A World in Transformation)" is a direct sequel to, and in the same creative vein as Allan Gutheim's previous (2019) concept album Dark Planet (A World Out of Balance). Music that calls for reflection about our planet and the exploitation of its resources, a post about a world in constant transformation. Here, Gutheim's characteristic synth ambient style really comes to its full right with influences of classical music. The album’s bonus track "Line of Defence" is dedicated to the memory of all the people who fought for peace and freedom. Speech by Winston Churchill.

Music by Allan & Maria Gutheim. Performed by Allan & Maria Gutheim. Produced by Allan Gutheim at Real Time Music Recording Studio. Cover design by Allan Gutheim.

Release MAY 8, 2020 by Real Time Music.


Allan Gutheim