Philip Gun P.I. 5

Mini-series by Allan Gutheim

Philip Gun is back once more, forced to protect his family! Just like previous seasons, the mini-series is created, directed and produced by Allan Gutheim.  The season offers a lot of new elements, situations and unexpected plots.  Music by Allan & Maria Gutheim.

All the six episodes including a documentary of the mini-series and a Special released OCT-DEC 2022 on YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Instagram and Facebook.

Philip Gun P.I. - Trailer S5 (Main Theme)
[Release date: OCT 21, 2022]

S5E1 Philip Gun P.I. - The Revenge
[Release date: OCT 28, 2022]

S5E2 Philip Gun P.I. - The Video Game
[Release date: NOV 4, 2022]

S5E3 Philip Gun P.I. - The Pyromaniac
[Release date: NOV 11, 2022]

S5E4 Philip Gun P.I. - The Nightmare
[Release date: NOV 18, 2022]

Philip Gun P.I. - Behind The Mini-Series 5
[Release date: NOV 25, 2022]

Philip Gun Special -  The Big Party
[Release date: DEC 2, 2022]

Philip Gun P.I.