Philip Gun P.I.

Soundtrack by Allan Gutheim

The mini-series “Philip Gun P.I.” is created, directed and produced by Allan Gutheim. As for the music, Allan is collaborating with his wife Maria. To give the right feeling of a private investigator living in the present, but inspired by the 1930s detectives, Allan and Maria chose to compose a mix of electronic music and traditional jazz music. A big part of the Philip Gun concept is the mix of thrill, humor, action and drama. Cinematic as well as musical. The series core is the music, which sets the mood and enhances each scene. For every episode, about ten minutes each, new music was recorded. Of course, Philip Gun has his own musical theme.

Release JUN 21, 2021 by Real Time Music. Music by Allan & Maria Gutheim. Performed by Allan & Maria Gutheim. Produced by Allan Gutheim at Real Time Music Recording Studio. Cover design by Allan Gutheim. Cover Photo by Paula Gutheim.


Philip Gun P.I.