"Dancing Tableaux" is a miniseries of short dances in different styles. It is  a unique collaboration with the Swedish choreographer and dancer Kerstin Lionell.

The miniseries is directed, produced and filmed by Allan Gutheim. The music is created by Allan & Maria Gutheim, specifically for each tableau.

Release SEP-OCT 2023 on YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Instagram and Facebook.

S2E1 Dancing Tableaux: Series 2, Part 1
[Release date: 22/9-2023]

S2E2 Dancing Tableaux: Series 2, Part 2
[Release date: 29/9-2023]

S2E3 Dancing Tableaux: Behind the Scenes, Series 2
[Release date: 6/10-2023]

Allan Gutheim